Cost of living in Adelaide Couple

cost of living in Adelaide for a couple

Do you believe the cost of living in Adelaide for a couple is about $2000 a month?

Possibly not! You will believe this after you finish reading this blog post in full.

Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia. South Australia is one of the seven states of Australia. SA, considered as a regional state is famous for wineries, festivals, food and tourist destinations. Adelaide has been consistently listed in the world’s top 10 most liveable cities through the 2010s by The Economist Intelligence Unit, in the world. It was ranked the most liveable city in Australia by the Property Council of Australia, based on surveys of residents’ views of their own city, between 2010 and 2013. 

Even though relatively small in size in comparison to other cities, Adelaide is rich with 29 large public parks, botanical garden, zoo, state of the art infrastructure and reliable public transport. 

Rich with cultural diversity, It is also becoming the preferred destination for thousands of immigrants and international students

If you are planning to move or settle in Adelaide, look no further, this post contains everything you need to know about living in Adelaide. This post gives you around estimates of day to day expenses. Information presented here is for international student’s cost of living for a couple, but is almost the same for everyone, hence this information can be equally helpful for all.

Costs are divided on a weekly (and total calculated at monthly) living costs for a couple in Adelaide metropolitan with an average expense. 

One major factor to consider here is if you are a couple living on your own or a living in shared accommodation. You will find this post divided into two sections if in shared accommodation or not.

You can also find this post as presentation slides.

Following sections of living expenses are covered in this post:

  • Rent 
  • Grocery
  • Public Transportation
  • Utility Bills (including electricity, gas, water, mobile, internet)
  • Addons

Renting in Adelaide

Comparing to other cities in Australia, Adelaide metropolitan (including CBD and surrounding suburbs) is one of the most affordable and cheapest in terms of housing and property market. 

Cost of renting around CBD might be higher than living in outer suburbs. It also depends on which suburbs you live on and the market scenario in that particular suburb. Rent is usually higher in wealthier suburbs. 

According to, the average cost for renting a one-bedroom unit in Adelaide costs around $250 and for the two-bedroom unit, it would be around $300. Prices will differ according to suburbs, housing types (flat, unit, apartment, house).

If you are living in a shared scenario with other housemates, your rent would be above $150 for a couple exclusive of bills.


Taking about grocery, it is almost similar to other states as the supermarket and grocery store are almost common across Australia, Coles, Aldi, Woolworth, Drakes Supermarket are famous supermarkets for grocery shopping. You can find good bargains in the Sunday Markets like in Gepps Cross, Morphettville. Adelaide Central Market is also one of the popular destinations for fresh produce located at the heart of the city.

Grocery shopping would depend on the food habit of an individual so the average $100 groceries might be enough for you for a week.

Adelaide’s Public Transportation

Adelaide Metro is the public transport system in Adelaide comprising and interconnecting bus, tram and train services under the same brand. You can use the same MetroCard and metro ticket across all public transportation. Once validated, you can board/ transfer to next service for free for 2 hours of first validation, be it on bus, train or tram. Tram service is free to use inside the core CBD and in Glenelg. 

28-day pass costs $101 and you can get student concession at $50.


Electricity, water and gas usages are charged quarterly (once in 3 months). Mobile bill and internet bill are generally monthly. It depends on the nature of mobile service provider you subscribe on, prepaid/ postpaid and type of internet connection. Following table gives you an estimate scenario for your utilities monthly.


Eating out, movies, online and offline subscriptions, etc depends on individual needs and we have estimated the rough roundabouts for different extras here.


Adding all, Cost of living in Adelaide for a couple can be estimated to be above $1800, while if a couple lives in shared accommodation scenario it would be around $1500.

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