Create a winning professional resume – the easy way with Google Docs!

Create a winning professional resume – the easy way with Google Docs!

Do you want to make your resume look more professional?

You are in the right place. Just follow the steps in this post about Google Docs and you will have your resume soon. This resume is special because it can help you get your dream job.

Today, we will make a fancy resume using Google Docs. This blog will show you how to complete something step-by-step. Your resume will look good, be organized well, and get noticed by employers or HR.

If you make your resume with Google Docs, there are many benefits. Google Docs is a good tool to make your resume for these reasons:

  • universally accessible from any device or place, as it is automatically synced over the cloud
  • it is free to use and modify!
  • wide range of compatibility with popular platforms like MS Office, Libre Office 
  • diverse import and export features that meet your every need
  • easy collaboration and file sharing
  • secured, time-saving, and efficient!

So what actually is Google Docs?

Google Docs is an online word processor that lets you create and format documents and work with others. 

It offers alternatives to almost all office applications:

MS WordGoogle Docs
MS PowerPointGoogle Slides
MS ExcelGoogle Sheets
MS TeamsGoogle Meet/ Hangout
MS FormsGoogle Forms

You can find more about Google Docs at

Let’s dive into creating your resume with Google Docs.

  • First head to, and sign in with your Google account, if you don’t have Google/ Gmail account already, just tap on create a new account.
  • you’ll see a welcome page as shown below:
  • You can tap on + to start creating your document from scratch but we’ll be saving time by using professional-looking free-to-use templates. 
  • Tap on Template Gallery and it will list all the available Google Docs template
  • As you can see, there are multiple resume/ CV templates available which you can choose
  • You can choose any template for your resume as you prefer, we’ll go with the first resume template here
  • Now, you can modify the contents of this Word document by tapping on the section you want to change replace the contents with your details like name, skills, experience, and more.
  • Once you are finished editing the documents there are several ways to share the content or download it. You can also rename the file name by tapping on the top left corner and entering your preferred document title
  • If you tap on the File in the menu you see different options available, like printing, sharing, and more
  • Choose Download to download your resume in different formats like .docs, or pdf
  • You can also directly send the resume from the Share button to your desired email, ensuring the privacy settings are set to view only.

And this is it! By now, you have a good-looking professional resume created with Google Docs.


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