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Halal McDonalds

McDonalds is a really big fast-food chain and a lot of people go there every day. McDonalds now offers many kinds of food for different types of people’s likes, choices, and dietary requirements. McDonalds now serves Halal food for people who need it. Find out about McDonald’s that serves Halal food close to your location in Australia by reading more.

Halal Menu Options at McDonalds in Australia

Halal food is food that follows the rules of Islamic diet. Before food can be called Halal, it needs to be checked at every step. This means looking carefully at where the food comes from, and how it is made, to make sure it meets Halal rules.

People asked for it, so McDonald’s now has Halal food at some of their spots worldwide. These places are allowed to serve food that complies with the rules of Halal, checked by people who make sure it meets those standards.

If you are looking for Halal menu options at McDonalds, you need to be aware of the following:

  1. Only select McDonalds locations serve Halal food.
  2. Only the items listed on the certificate at the locations serving Halal options are certified as Halal.
  3. The list of McDonalds locations serving Halal food is subject to change.

Where to Find McDonalds Serving Halal Menu Options?

If you are in Australia, some McDonald’s restaurants serve a menu that follows Halal guidelines. These places have Halal food in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, and Western Australia.


  1. McDonald’s Punchbowl – 1171 Canterbury Road Punchbowl NSW
  2. McDonald’s Liverpool – Hume Highway & Atkinson Street Liverpool South NSW
  3. McDonald’s Auburn – 116 Parramatta Rd Auburn NSW
  4. McDonald’s Bankstown – 37 Rickard Road Bankstown NSW
  5. McDonald’s Lidcombe – 9-15 Vaughan Street Lidcombe NSW
  6. McDonald’s Lakemba – 804 Canterbury Road Roselands NSW
  7. McDonald’s Greenacre North – 74 Roberts Road West Greenacre NSW
  8. McDonald’s Greenacre – 57-67 Roberts Road Greenacre NSW
  9. McDonald’s Rockdale – 603 Princess Highway Rockdale NSW
  10. McDonald’s Centro Bankstown – Shop E06C Centro Bankstown Rickard Road Bankstown NSW
  11. McDonald’s Granville – Cnr Woodville & Merrylands Roads Merrylands NSW
  12. McDonald’s International Airside II – C2-400 Terminal 1 Pier C, Sydney International Airport, Mascot, NSW


  1. McDonald’s Braddon – Cnr Cooyong & Mort Streets Braddon ACT
  2. McDonald’s Gungalin- 27 Ernest Cavanagh St, Gungalin ACT


  1. McDonald’s Preston – Cnr Bell Street & Georges Road Preston VIC
  2. McDonald’s St Albans – 5 St Albans Road St Albans VIC
  3. McDonald’s Brunswick East – Cnr Holmes & Albion Streets Brunswick East VIC
  4. McDonald’s Roxburgh Park – 280 Somerton Road Roxburgh Park VIC
  5. McDonald’s Wyndham Waters – Cnr Sayers & Forsyth Roads Williams Landing VIC
  6. McDonald’s Dandenong – 97-99 Cheltenham Road Dandenong VIC


  1. McDonald’s Mirrabooka – 2 Chesterfield Road Mirrabooka WA
  2. McDonald’s Ballajura – Cnr Capital Rd & Alexander Drive Ballajura WA

Remember that this list can change, so make sure to check with your nearby McDonald’s before ordering to be sure they offer Halal food.

What Are the Halal Menu Options at McDonald’s?

The types of food you can eat at McDonald’s that follow the Halal rules might be different depending on where you go. At McDonald’s, there are many Halal menu options that you can choose from.

  1. Chicken burgers: Some McDonald’s locations serving Halal food offer chicken burgers that are made with Halal-certified chicken.
  2. McNuggets: Halal-certified chicken McNuggets are available at some McDonald’s locations.
  3. Fries: McDonald’s fries are made from potatoes and are Halal-certified.
  4. Filet-O-Fish: Some McDonald’s locations serving Halal food offer the Filet-O-Fish sandwich made with Halal-certified fish.
  5. McChicken: Some McDonald’s locations serving Halal food offer the McChicken sandwich made with Halal-certified chicken.

It is important to understand that some McDonald’s restaurants may not offer all the Halal food options listed above. The availability of these food options may also differ from one McDonald’s location to another.

Why Choose Halal Food at McDonald’s?

If you only eat Halal food, then it’s good that McDonald’s is now serving it. Halal food follows the rules of the Islamic diet, so it doesn’t have any non-Halal things in it. This helps you feel calm knowing that the food you’re eating follows Halal rules and was prepared to fit your diet needs.

Halal food is available for everyone, not just Muslims. People who are not Muslim also like to eat this food because they think it is good for their health. Halal food is made with good, fresh things and has no bad stuff added.


In summary, McDonald’s offering Halal food is a good choice for people who eat Halal. Some places serve Halal food, but not all. The places listed have Halal menu options to choose from. If you want to eat Halal food at McDonald’s, ask the McDonald’s near you to make sure they serve Halal food and to see what Halal foods are on their menu.

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