How Much Can You Really Make on YouTube in Australia?

youtube in Australia

If you’re an Aussie looking to get into content creation on YouTube, you’re in the right place! YouTube is a great platform to showcase your creativity and build a following. But how much can you really make on this platform? Let’s dive in and find out how much you can really make on YouTube in Australia.

Top 3 Australian YouTubers

First things first, let’s take a look at some of the most popular Australian YouTubers:

  1. Ethan Marrell (Ozzy Man Reviews) – With over 4 million subscribers, Ethan is known for his humorous reviews of the latest tech trends and products.
  2. Jaiden Young – With over 3.2 million subscribers, Jaiden creates comedy skits and challenges filmed in his backyard with friends.
  3. Troye Sivan – With over 10 million subscribers, Troye is a successful singer-songwriter who has released several albums since 2010.

How much can you earn on YouTube in Australia?

To start earning money on YouTube, you must have at least 10,000 subscribers and 2,000 watch hours per month. Your earnings are influenced by several factors, including the amount of traffic your channel gets, how engaging your content is, and how many views your videos get.

In Australia, YouTuber views payment is based on every thousand views or watch time per month. On average, you can earn $37.24 per 1000 views. For every video with an in-demand niche, you can earn:

  • $210 for 10,000 subscribers with 70% viewership (i.e., 7K views)
  • $2,100 for 100,000 subscribers with 70% viewership (i.e., 70K views)
  • $21,000 for 1,000,000 subscribers with 70% viewership (i.e., 700K views)

How to earn money with your YouTube channel in Australia

Here are the most popular ways to earn money with your YouTube channel:

  1. Ads – You can earn money by allowing advertisements to show before or during your videos. The more often viewers watch the ad and the longer they watch it, the more money you can make. These ads are called pre-rolls and mid-rolls.
  2. Sponsorships – If you have a popular channel, you can also get sponsorships from companies who want their products advertised on your channel because of its large number of viewers and subscribers. These companies will pay you for each video featuring their product or service and may give you free samples if necessary.
  3. Adsense – You can access AdSense by going to your YouTube channel, clicking on the Monetization tab, and then clicking on the AdSense button. Once you’ve done that, you may view a list of all your eligible videos. You must enable monetization for all those videos before Google starts selling ads against them and paying you money.


YouTube is a great platform for content creation, and as an Australian creator, you have plenty of opportunities to make money. Whether it’s through ads, sponsorships, or AdSense, there are multiple ways to monetize your channel and build a successful career on YouTube. So what are you waiting for? Start creating and see where it takes you!

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