10 Fresh Ideas to Make Money Online in 2023

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In this article, we will explore 10 new and updated ways to make money online repeatedly in 2023. These methods include Web Stories, YouTube Shorts, Firework, Channel Partnerships, converting music and sounds into NFTs, sharing financial or debt experience, talking about Metaverse, creating inter-country video content, and starting a shared-blog.

Web Stories

Web Stories is a new feature introduced by Google that lets creators create visual stories with valuable information explained in short. These stories are designed to be viewed on mobile devices, appearing within the ‘Discover’ tab of the Google Search App. The feature is similar to the video ‘Shorts’ specially designed for mobile users. The addition of audio can make stories more engaging, although this is completely optional.

Web Stories are a great way to increase traffic to your website. The traffic driven through web stories is way higher than organic results, and consistent publication is a must to maintain and increase traffic. Creating a web story takes around 2-3 hours for a beginner, but later creating one would hardly take 30 minutes.

The earnings you can make through web stories could be between $0 to over $10K USD. Neither you nor Google’s algorithm has control over it. Some bloggers/publishers may see tremendous growth in traffic and revenue in the first week itself. However, many don’t see any results even after publishing on a daily basis. Because it is not favored by the algorithm, it requires a luck factor to earn from web stories.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is another great way to make money online in 2023. Shorts is one of the easiest ways to create and upload videos on YouTube. Shorts are vertical videos, which are easy to record and take lesser time compared to long-form videos. Consistency is key, and creators must be dedicated to their industry of work.

Creators can earn through YouTube Partner Program (YPP), Super Thanks, and Sponsorships. YPP is a monetization program offered by YouTube that enables creators to earn revenue from their content. Super Thanks is a feature that lets fans tip creators for their work. Sponsorships allow creators to collaborate with brands to promote their products.


Firework is another platform similar to YouTube Shorts but with additional features. It allows creators to create commercial vertical videos to promote brands’ products. For instance, in order to promote an affiliate product or promote a requested shirt of XYZ brand. You’ll have to create a video wearing it, and recording all possible angles of yours to make it more explorable. This would help buyers/viewers to purchase the item right through your post itself.

It is also known as Shoppable Videos or Livestream Shopping. Firework is a great platform for creators looking to monetize their content through brand partnerships and collaborations.

Channel Partnerships

Channel Partnerships is a great way for creators to collaborate and share revenue equally. When two or more people are engaging in a single project, the level of productivity increases. More ideas and different perspectives make the channel grow exponentially leading to success.

One of the examples is the channel ‘Think Media.’ It was created by Sean initially, then joined by two more creators. This helped them run the channel smoothly, and work on other projects too. The involvement of two or more channel partners provides you enough time to look after other projects without breaking the consistency of the current channel. Hence, it’s a clear path to make money online with managed time and managed tasks.

Convert Your Music, Raps, and Sounds Into NFTs

Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs) let creators showcase their collection of music and make money online. These tokens are unique and cannot be replicated, making them valuable. By converting their music, raps, and sounds into NFTs, creators can showcase their work to interested buyers.

Musicians and rappers like Snoop Dogg and others have already made a substantial amount of money through NFTs. NFTs are a bright future for creators looking to monetize their work.

Share Financial or Debt Experience (SYS: Share Your Stories To Make Money Online)

SYS is a new concept designed for experienced and retired people to share their stories and make money. Sharing failures and success stories can benefit entrepreneurs, employees, debtors, and retirees. The concept may seem different, however, it’ll work in the favor of many people looking to share their experiences.

SYS by American-Street.com is one such platform where creators can apply to share their stories and earn money. This is a great way for creators to monetize their experiences and share knowledge with others.

Talking about Metaverse

Talking about Metaverse and virtual reality is a great way to attract potential metaverse-based projects and companies. Being early in the industry is the core success mantra to lead in this market. Metaverse is the future of the web industry, and bigger brands have already adopted it and preparing for the future.

By talking, researching, and sharing more about Metaverse and virtual reality, creators can establish themselves as experts in the field. This can help them attract more business and opportunities in the future.

Inter-Country Video Content

Creating specific content for people in another country is a great way to increase per 1000 views revenue. Creators can release such content on various platforms like TikTok, Reels, FB, or YT. However, creators must ensure that the niche they have chosen is familiar to their knowledge.

For instance, a person living in UAE can create a specific car drifting video content for an interested audience in the United States. Similarly, a Pakistani guy can interview citizens, asking for opinions about Indians and their interesting work culture. This strategy will definitely increase your per 1000 views revenue.

2+ Shared-Blog

Starting a shared-blog is a great way for creators to collaborate and share revenue equally. Several ad networks like Adsense, Ezoic, Mediavine, and affiliate marketing can give creators a good start to make money online in 2023.

By integrating Google web stories and ad networks, creators can monetize their shared blog. The more their stories appear in Discover, the more traffic they get, leading to increased revenue. However, this requires a consistent effort of publishing 8-10 trending stories a day. It’s better to hire a person to work on the web stories part. Because the moment you take a gap of even a single day, the traffic may get down to zero (0).

In conclusion, these are 9 new and updated ways to make money online in 2023. Consistency and discipline are essential to making money online, and creators must be dedicated to their work. By planning strategically and implementing these methods, creators can attract more traffic and eventually make revenue.

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