6 Simple Rules to Make YouTube Shorts Viral in Record Time

make youtube shorts viral

Going viral on YouTube Shorts has become a new goal for creators. And so to achieve one, you don’t have to be an extremely intellectual creator. But the fastest one. Here are a few rules answering ‘How to Make YouTube Shorts Viral’:

Be the Fastest One – Lead the Competition

To make your YouTube Shorts go viral, you need to lead the competition before it is even formed within your industry. You need to stay ahead of the game, and be the first to release new and exciting information that is in line with the market demand and trends in your niche. For instance, if you’re into the technology niche, you’ll have to find the gadgets and devices that bigger brands are planning to launch in the next 6 to 12 months. The more you provide new and exciting information, the more audience will subscribe and adore you.

Set the Length of Your Shorts Between 13 to 20 Seconds

The length of your YouTube Shorts can significantly impact their chances of going viral. Based on data analysis, it has been noted that shorts between 13 to 20 seconds have higher chances of going viral expediently. Experiment with different types of content within the same niche and track the success of each short video to get more ideas about what your audience likes.

Choose Relevant & Irrelevant #Hashtags Smartly

Using relevant and irrelevant #hashtags is a smart way to reach a wider audience. Relevant #hashtags that are specific to your niche are essential to attract the right audience to your content. However, by including some irrelevant #hashtags, you can also reach a wide audience that is outside your niche but still might be interested in your content. For instance, if your niche is nature photography, you can include popular hashtags such as #photopraphy #nature #beauty and so on. Additionally, you could include hashtags such as #funny #food #cars to attract an audience outside of your niche.

Kill the Competition If You Can

Killing the competition is an essential part of making your YouTube Shorts go viral. To achieve this, you need to promote your Shorts through ads or get featured in Google Discover. Google Discover is a platform based on users’ interests that drives huge traffic to sites and channels. By complying with Discover’s requirements, you can reach a wider audience and compete with other creators.

Create Original Content Like No One Else

Originality is the key to success when it comes to YouTube Shorts. While copying others’ content may give you a boost, in the long run, you won’t be able to survive the competition. Creating your unique content is essential to attract a loyal audience that will keep coming back for more. Whether your niche is finance, stock, entertainment, educational, or humorous, make sure to have your own X Factor within your content to outsmart other creators in your field.

make youtube shorts viral

Find Your 1 Quality

Every popular creator has a unique quality that sets them apart from the rest. To make your YouTube Shorts go viral, you need to find your own quality that will make your content stand out. This could be related to your well-written script on a highly demanded topic, hilarious prank/humour content plan, clear, understandable, and engaging way of speaking, stunning looks, great physique, out of the world camera quality, pro editing skills, or any other factor that makes you special.

Work Hard as Hell

Creating quality YouTube Shorts requires hard work and dedication. With high demand and prosperity for YouTube Shorts, creators are going crazy over creating quality shorts. Shorts give them an opportunity to create the best content in a short period, unlike long-form content. To make your YouTube Shorts go viral, you need to upload as many shorts as possible on a daily basis to feed your hungry audience. Don’t underestimate the power of Shorts content. This means you’ll have to work consistently, smartly, and hard as hell to give your best to your audience.

In summary

making your YouTube Shorts go viral requires a combination of creativity, originality, hard work, and a bit of luck. By following the above six rules, you can increase your chances of success and stand out from the competition. Remember to be the fastest one, choose the right length for your shorts, use relevant and irrelevant #hashtags smartly, kill the competition, create original content like no one else, and find your unique quality that sets you apart. Work hard every day to give your best, and success will follow.

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