8 Companies Open to Unsolicited Scripts

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If you’re dreaming of your screenplay achieving fame akin to “Squid Game” or “Dune,” but find yourself without an agent or manager, you’re in the right place. Despite the common hurdles, there are indeed studios and production houses that are open to unsolicited scripts. We’ve identified 10 such entities, offering you a gateway to potentially get your work noticed.

Here’s a list of 10 companies, both in the UK and the US, that are open to unsolicited scripts. These companies are diverse in their preferences, with most seeking feature films, though some are open to TV scripts as well. This global approach recognizes that Hollywood is no longer the sole dominion for successful screenwriting.

Below, you’ll find details about what each company is looking for and how to contact them. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a valuable list of potential contacts for the upcoming year.

1. BBC Studios

  • About: Known for productions like “King Charles III” (2017), “Surviving America’s Most Hated Family” (2019), and “Mangrove” (2020).
  • Open Call: Occasional opportunities for submissions, with specific windows for sending scripts.
  • What They Want: Comedy or drama scripts, minimum 30 pages, polished and complete. Include a resume detailing your writing experience.
  • Contact: Through their Open Call opportunities.

2. LaRoda Films

  • About: UK-based, led by Blake Borcich, known for innovative material.
  • What They Want: Short stories, screenplays, or scripts of any length. Include a one-page treatment or synopsis.
  • Contact: blake@blakeborcich.com.

3. Century Films

  • About: UK-based, specializes in documentaries and dramas like “Mumbai High: The Musical.”
  • What They Want: Pitches about a page in length.
  • Contact: development@centuryfilmsltd.com.

4. LLeju Productions and Films

  • About: Based in Houston, Texas; notable works include “Dark Around the Stars” and “The Baytown Outlaws.”
  • What They Want: Micro and low-budget projects; no period pieces, biographies, or animations. Preferably three-location films.
  • Contact: info@lleju.com (submit synopsis and logline first).

5. Birchwood Pictures

  • About: Located in Orange, California; produced films like “Overcomer” and “Grace Unplugged.”
  • What They Want: Original properties such as books, treatments, or screenplays.
  • Contact: Phone at 714-538-4323.

6. One-Eyed Dog Films

  • About: UK-based; aims to inspire and excite with their film productions.
  • What They Want: Unsolicited scripts. Include full contact details, screenplay title, and a concise logline and synopsis.
  • Contact: submissions@one-eyed-dog-films.com.

7. Little Jade Productions

  • About: UK-based, led by Jade Alexander. Known for short films and immersive theater.
  • Requirements: Writers with at least two credits in film festivals. Scripts must have a female lead and fit into the fantasy or sci-fi genres.
  • Contact: Information not specified; likely through industry contacts.

8. Road Movies

  • About: Founded by Wim Wenders in Berlin, known for arthouse movies.
  • What They Want: Documentaries and unique narrative films. Submit a treatment or synopsis first.
  • Contact: info@roadmovies.com.

Important Note

While these companies are open to reading your script, remember that you often only get one chance to impress. It’s advisable to have your script professionally reviewed before submission.

Submitting unsolicited screenplays can feel like a gamble, but these 10 studios and production houses offer a valuable opportunity for writers without industry contacts. Feel free to submit your work to any of these companies to increase your chances of success.

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