Multiply flybuys points without spending any money

Multiply flybuys points without spending any money

Multiplying flybuys points without spending any money or buying any items may sound impossible and like a scam to you. It sounds like it but no this isn’t anywhere near fake! Read this full article and increase your flybuys rewards point in minutes at no cost.

What is flybuys?

FLybuys also known as flybuys reward points is a loyalty program in Australia regulated and managed by Coles. You can use the flybuys membership among various Coles sub-companies and partners like Kmart, Target, Liquorland, Coles Express. flybuys is one of the most popular loyalty programs in Australian society.

Where is flybuys membership accepted?

Listed below are the partners of Flybuys loyalty program. source

AGL Energy
Budget Car and Truck
Coles supermarket
Coles Express
Coles credit cards
Coles insurance
Coles personal loans
Discovery parks and top parks
First choice liquor 
First choice liquor market
flybuys travel
National Australia Bank
Velocity Frequent Flyer

How do you earn flybuys points?

As every loyalty programs work, flybuys reward points are accumulated when you spend money in the purchase of item or service at eligible Coles supermarket or its partners like Kmart, Target. You earn 1 point for each 1 $ spent in Coles supermarket, Kmart, Target, Liquorland. 

However, you can get more points if you have activated the flybuys offer from your membership account and you bought the item within the offer period. BONUS POINTS

Also, flybuys points are added in varying proportion depending on the partner companies. Some of the popular partner companies are Fitbit, Garmin, AGL etc. 

What can you do with flybuys points?

Once you have collected minimum number of points, you are eligible to redeem your flybuys points in any way you want:

  • convert it to flybuys dollars (minimum points 2000, equivalent to $10) and you can use it to pay your bills
  • redeem it to different rewards available

Okay, by now we talked a lot about flybuys and how it works. Now, lets dive into our main topic.

How to multiply flybuys points without spending any money?

Yes, you read it!

By filling in surveys available on the flybuys app, we can rapidly increase, multiply and collect flybuys points.

This is a lot easier than you have thought, no need to install any apps, or do anything more. All you need to do is open your flybuys app.

If you haven’t got the app yet, you can download it from your app store or play store.

Open the app, and from the bottom of your screen navigate to Offers.

Scroll down and you can see a section displaying information about surveys saying earn more points with surveys. Tap and open this box.

Once opened, it will take you to your browser and display different surveys available for you.
Also the total time the survey is going to take and the point you will be gaining, all details are there.

Just tap to start any survey of your choice and you’re already there.

Once finished, you can close the browser. In a few days, you can see the survey points being topped up in your flybuys transaction.

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