Crafting Impactful Screenplay Quotes: A Guide

So, you’re eager to inject your screenplay with impactful quotes? Look no further! Whether you’re kicking off, navigating through, or wrapping up your script, mastering the art of memorable quotes is pivotal. Let’s break it down for you:

1. Opening Excellence: Channeling the Spirit of Anderson

When your film is gearing up, consider an opening quote. Take inspiration from directors like Wes Anderson, known for setting a whimsical tone. Here’s a format example:


“Life’s an adventure, not a destination.” – Felix Evergreen

2. Mid-Script Marvel: Integrating Quotes into Scenes

For pivotal moments in the middle of your film, dropping quotes with a new scene is impactful. Position your quote right under the scene heading for maximum effect. For instance:


INT. SERENITY CAFÉ – NIGHT Raindrops tap on the window.


“In chaos, find your cosmos.” – Luna Starlight

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3. Closing Scenes: Elevate with the Power of CUT TO

Concluding a scene with a quote? The “CUT TO” technique is your friend. Here’s a quick format guide:




“Embrace the unpredictable; it’s the spice of life.” – Jasper Storm


Crafting Quotes like a Pro:

  • Relevance is Paramount: Ensure your quote resonates with the theme or emotion of the scene.
  • Conciseness Rules: Keep it brief and impactful for lasting resonance.
  • Diversify Placements: Experiment with positioning to maintain audience engagement.

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Should You Write Quotes in Screenplays: A Writer’s Dilemma

Now that you’ve delved into the art of incorporating quotes into your screenplay, a burning question arises: Should you really be writing quotes in screenplays?

The Resounding Answer: Generally, No.

If you’re perusing this article, chances are you’re either a novice in the realm of screenwriting or haven’t yet witnessed the magic of seeing your script come to life on the big screen. As an emerging writer, there’s a crucial reality you need to grasp:

No one cares about the fine details of your script.

Those reading your screenplay are there to unearth the essence of the story, to discern whether it’s a cinematic gem or not. Any perceived ‘fluff’—like a quote—can be a deterrent. Imagine being in their shoes, with 20 other scripts on the desk; unnecessary elements can be a distraction.

The Unspoken Truth: Experience Matters.

Experienced writers often weave quotes seamlessly into their scripts because, at that point, readers care about every word. For them, it’s not fluff; it’s a glimpse into the writer’s unique voice and storytelling prowess.

But, Consider the Power of Quotes as Insight:

Quotes, when chosen wisely, can offer a sneak peek into the script’s essence, akin to a logline embedded within the narrative. They can be a double-edged sword—captivating or cumbersome, depending on their relevance and placement.

In the End, Choose Wisely:

Whether to include quotes or not is a decision that requires thoughtful consideration. Understand your audience, weigh the significance, and let your choice serve the narrative rather than distract from it.

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