Top 8 Places for Script Submissions (Updated List)

Top 8 Places for Script Submissions

Have you recently completed your first remarkable script, or perhaps you’ve amassed a collection of screenplays? If you find yourself without direct connections to Hollywood, Netflix producers, agents, or managers, fear not. You’ve arrived at the perfect resource to learn about the contemporary landscape of screenplay submissions.

Here are the advantages of the platforms we’ll discuss:

  • They accept online submissions exclusively.
  • Many are free or cost less than what you’d spend on coffee in a month.
  • A well-written script has a high chance of being noticed and potentially optioned.

1. IMDB Pro: The Ultimate Networking Tool

IMDB Pro is essential for connecting with every agent, manager, and production company you can think of. Here’s a more detailed approach:

  • Discover films akin to your script and note their writers.
  • Research these writers to find their agents via IMDB.
  • Craft personalized query letters to these agents.

Despite its cost, IMDB Pro’s extensive network justifies the expense, especially with a 30-day free trial at your disposal.

2. BBC Writers Room: A Free Script Submission Haven

BBC Writers Room specializes in drama and comedy TV scripts, offering a cost-free submission process. They’re open to submissions twice a year, focusing on different genres each time. Make sure to review their submission guidelines meticulously to ensure your script meets their standards.

3. Nicholl Fellowship: The Prestigious Launchpad

Nicholl Fellowship, sponsored by the Academy, is an elite competition for amateur screenwriters. The reward? A hefty cash prize and invaluable industry connections. Beginning with a simple registration, the submission involves a seven-step application process that could end with your script in the spotlight.

4. BackStage: Not Just for Actors

BackStage may seem like a hub for actors, but it’s also a resourceful platform for screenwriters. By navigating the agents and managers’ section, you can unearth opportunities to represent your work, though it might require a subscription to access the full suite of services.

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5. The Black List: Where Scripts Get Noticed

The Black List is an innovative platform where scripts are hosted for industry professionals to discover. They operate on a scoring system; a score of 8 or higher increases your chances of getting a deal. They also offer evaluations, which can be a game-changer for your script’s visibility.

6. Script Reader Pro: Expert Analysis

Script Reader Pro offers a standout service with its script reviews conducted by professional screenwriters. Their insider perspective and connections to top film companies can be a significant advantage if they see potential in your work.

7. Warner Bros. Writing Program: The Industry’s Classroom

Warner Bros. Writing Program is highly competitive, selecting only eight writers from thousands of applicants. The program offers extensive learning opportunities with industry professionals and a chance to work in a simulated writers’ room. Success in the program often leads to contracts and representation.

8. Stage 32: The Personal Approach

Stage 32 is unique in offering personal pitches to producers. You can select from a variety of industry experts aligned with your genre and pitch either through live video or in writing, for a fee. This direct interaction is a rare chance to make a memorable impression.

BONUS TIP: You can also consider submitting your script to Netflix.

The avenues listed here defy the traditional barriers to script submissions, giving you a fighting chance even without an agent. Tailor your approach, be professional, and seize the myriad of opportunities presented by the online world.

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