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In summer, people go to the beach, have barbeques, and enjoy the sun. But, it’s also a time when there are dangerous fires in the bushes. Bushfires happen often in Australia, especially in South Australia. In 1976, the Country Fire Service (CFS) was created to keep people and things safe from bushfires in the state.

The CFS helps protect rural and some city areas in South Australia from fire and other emergencies. They are made up of volunteers. This blog post will explain what the CFS does and how it works.

What is the CFS?

The CFS helps protect rural and some city areas in South Australia from fires and other emergencies. They are made up of volunteers. The CFS helps when there are fires outside, inside, or dangerous substances. They help out when there are big problems like floods, storms, and car crashes.

The CFS is a group of 13,500 people who help in emergencies. They are divided into 430 groups all over the state. These helpers have different jobs and are taught many things like how to put out fires, save people, give first aid, and handle emergencies. The CFS has about 160 workers who are paid to help with things like organizing, paperwork, and teaching.

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What does the CFS do?

The CFS has a wide range of responsibilities, which can be broadly categorized into two areas: prevention and response.


The CFS tries hard to stop fires from happening. It’s easier to prevent a fire than to put it out. The CFS helps communities stay safe from fires by teaching them about fire safety and making plans for how to manage fires in their area. They consider what makes each place different when they make these plans.

The CFS burns some plants on purpose to make sure there is not too much fuel for fires. This can lessen big fires and make sure they don’t spread too much if they happen.


When there’s a fire or emergency, the CFS helps to keep people and their things safe by acting fast. The CFS uses a system to handle accidents and emergencies that helps use resources effectively.

The CFS fights fires using different tools like fire trucks, water planes, and helicopters. They use different ways to stop fires, such as burning a line in front of the fire to stop it from spreading.

How does the CFS do it?

The CFS has a training program for volunteers that helps them become really good at their jobs. The training teaches you important things like how to put out fires, save people, help someone who’s hurt, and handle accidents. You learn by reading and also by practicing.

The CFS has rules for volunteers on how to act in different emergency situations. These rules are called standard operating procedures (SOPs). We check and change these rules often to make sure they have the newest and best ways of doing things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I become a CFS volunteer?

A: To become a CFS volunteer, you need to be at least 16 years old and have a willingness to learn and serve your community. You can contact your local brigade to find out more about volunteering opportunities and the training and development requirements.

Q: How can I support the CFS?

A: There are many ways to support the CFS, including making a donation, volunteering your time, or attending CFS events and fundraisers. You can also promote fire safety and awareness in your community by following the CFS’s advice and guidelines.

Q: What should I do if I see a bushfire?

A: If you see a bushfire, you should call 000 immediately to report the fire. You should also move to a safe location, away from the fire, and follow the CFS’s advice and guidelines for staying safe during a bushfire.

The Country Fire Service helps keep people and their homes safe from fires and other emergencies in South Australia. The CFS is a group of people who help when there is a fire or an emergency in small towns and parts of big cities in South Australia. They do this work for free as volunteers.

They work on stopping fires from happening and dealing with them if they do. They have a good plan for dealing with emergencies and many tools and ways to fight fires. If you want to help the CFS, there are lots of things you can do. You can volunteer, donate, or teach others about fire safety in your area.

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