Stamp Cost in Australia: What You Need to Know

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In Australia or abroad, do you want to send a letter or a package? Perhaps you’ll ask how much it costs to stamp in Australia. The answer doesn’t look so simple as you might think. The price of postal service may be influenced by a number of factors, e.g. the weight, size or destination of the parcel you are sending.

We’ll take a look at all the details you need to know about the cost of stamps in Australia in this blog post. We’ll look at everything you need to know about postage, from basic rates to extra services and ways of saving money. Let’s just take a moment to relax and get started!

Basic Postage Rates in Australia

First, I will begin by looking at the basics. A range of postal options can be chosen to meet differing needs and budgets by Australia Post, the national postal service. Your item’s size and weight, as well as its destination, will determine the cost of postage. For sending letters and parcels in Australia, you can see below some of the standard postage rates:


  • Standard letter (up to 20g): $1.10
  • Large letter (up to 125g): $2.20
  • Large letter (up to 250g): $3.30
  • Large letter (up to 500g): $5.50
  • Large letter (up to 1kg): $7.70


  • Small parcel (up to 500g): $8.95
  • Medium parcel (up to 1kg): $12.20
  • Large parcel (up to 5kg): $17.60
  • Extra large parcel (up to 25kg): $42.70

International Postage Rates

Postage rates will be higher for international mail, even if you want to send something home. The cost, as well as the size and weight of the goods, depends on the destination country. For sending letters and parcels from Australia to other countries, these are some of the most common postage rates:


  • Postcards (up to 10cm x 15cm): $1.50
  • Standard letter (up to 20g): $3.30
  • Large letter (up to 50g): $5.50
  • Large letter (up to 125g): $8.80
  • Large letter (up to 250g): $14.30
  • Large letter (up to 500g): $24.80
  • Large letter (up to 1kg): $42.00


  • Small parcel (up to 500g): $23.60
  • Medium parcel (up to 1kg): $43.80
  • Large parcel (up to 2kg): $67.00
  • Extra large parcel (up to 5kg): $109.85

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Additional Services and Fees

Australia Post also offers a variety of additional services that you may choose to add to your mail, apart from basic postage rates. These services include:

  • Registered Post: This provides proof of postage and delivery, as well as compensation for loss or damage. The cost of Registered Post starts at $4.95.
  • Express Post: This guarantees next-business-day delivery within the Express Post network. The cost of Express Post starts at $12.20.
  • Signature on Delivery: This requires a signature upon delivery for added security. The cost of Signature on Delivery starts at $2.95.
  • Extra Cover: This provides extra compensation for loss or damage, up to a value of $5,000. The cost of Extra Cover starts at $2.50.

It should also be noted that other charges may apply to items weighing more than the weight limit or requiring specific handling. For instance, if you want to send a parcel weighing over 22 kg, the Australia Post Freight service will need to be used. This is because it has an exclusive price structure. In addition, you will need to comply with certain conditions and may be subject to additional charges if you are sending dangerous or items which require special handling such as perishable goods.

Tips for Saving Money on Postage

Postage costs may be high, in particular if more than one item is sent or you send a lot of items. To help you save money on your postage, we’ve provided a few tips:

  • Using a postagemeter: It may be cost efficient to invest in a postage meter when you send large volumes of mail. Postage meters offer an option of printing postage directly on the mail, while often offering discounts compared to standard postal rates.
  • Consolidation of your mail: if you send multiple items to one address, it would be helpful to combine them into a single package so that postage costs are reduced.
  • Choose the right packaging: In order to reduce postage costs, use of light and compact packs may be helpful as it is more costly to send heavy or bulky items.
  • Choose slower delivery: if you need your product to be delivered in a timely fashion, it is more cost effective to choose slow delivery as an ordinary post option rather than the express or priority service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to send a letter from Australia to the USA?

A: The cost of sending a standard letter (up to 20g) from Australia to the USA is currently $3.30.

Q: How much does it cost to send a parcel from Australia to the UK?

A: The cost of sending a small parcel (up to 500g) from Australia to the UK is currently $23.60.

Q: Can I track my mail with Australia Post?

A: Yes, Australia Post offers tracking for many of its postage services, including Standard and Express Post.


Lastly, it is worth noting that the cost of mailing an item to Australia depends on a range of factors which include its size, weight and destination. The cost of basic mail in Australia begins at $1.10 and costs $3.30 for a letter to the USA. An additional fee may be charged for additional services such as registered post and express post, as well as for oversized or special handling items.

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