How Much Do Ubereats Drivers Make in Australia 2023

Do you want to work for UberEats in Australia? Then you need to think about how much money you will earn. It’s important! As more people start working independent jobs, they’re using Uber Eats to make more money on the side. This article will look at how much money Uber Eats drivers in Australia might make in 2023.

Per Delivery Earnings for UberEats Drivers

Uber Eats drivers in Australia usually make $9 AUD for every delivery they do within the same area. The total amount of money paid to drivers is reduced by 25% for service fees. If you deliver things to people in your neighborhood, it usually takes 15 minutes. If you do this three or four times in an hour, you can make about $27 to $35 an hour.

The service charge includes payment for things like gas, car maintenance, cleaning items, and other expenses that happen when someone drives for Uber Eats.

Daily Earnings for UberEats Drivers

UberEats drivers in Australia usually make about $30 to $48 AUD every hour. The amount of something will be different depending on where you are and what time it is. If you are earning less money, you may need to start finding a new job.

Here is a list of how much money you can make based on the lowest pay per hour.

  • Minimum $20 AUD per hour: Earning $80 AUD for 4 hours or $160 AUD for 8 hours
  • Minimum $30 AUD per hour: Earning $120 AUD for 4 hours or $240 AUD for 8 hours
  • Minimum $48 AUD per hour: Earning $192 AUD for 4 hours or $384 AUD for 8 hours

How Much Can UberEats Drivers Make Per Hour?

UberEats drivers get paid for each delivery they make, instead of being paid per hour or per shift like regular jobs. This means your pay rate doesn’t have a set number of hours required. If you do more deliveries, you can earn more money. You can earn as much as you want each day by doing more deliveries. There is no limit to how much you can make.

Factors That Affect UberEats Driver Pay

UberEats looks at five important things when deciding how much money to give their drivers:

  1. Base amount: This is the minimum amount that drivers will earn for a delivery.
  2. Trip supplement: This is an additional payment that drivers can earn based on the length of the trip.
  3. Tips: Customers can tip their drivers through the app, and this can significantly increase the driver’s earnings.
  4. Boost: Drivers can earn more money during peak hours when demand for Uber Eats is high.
  5. Promotions and incentives: UberEats often offers promotions and incentives to drivers, such as extra cash for completing a certain number of deliveries.

Do UberEats Drivers See Tips?

Yes, that’s correct. When you work as an UberEats driver, you can check the tips you get on the receipt for each trip. This means you will find out if a customer gives a tip or not. Looking at the tip can tell you how well you did even if customers don’t tell you directly.

Is Being an Uber Eats Driver Worth It in Australia?

Being an UberEats driver gives you the advantage of having flexible hours. You can decide how much or how little you want to work, and choose to drive by yourself. Being your own boss means that you don’t have to listen to anyone else and you don’t need a boss! Some places may not be very popular, which means less orders, but the experience is still great. Many people like the food that Uber Eats drivers bring, and they say good things about it. This is a good job to have if you don’t want to work in an office and you want to make more money.

Which Makes More Money, Uber Driver or Uber Eats?

Uber Eats drivers usually make more money per hour than UberX drivers. Uber Eats drivers in Australia make $10 to $13 an hour, and Pizza Hut Delivery drivers make $9 to $13 an hour. Drivers in the US can earn about $15 every hour from Postmates or DoorDash once they have considered expenses. If you want to earn more money per hour and not worry about losing your job because of bad weather or traffic, then you should consider becoming an Uber Eats driver.

Does Uber Eats Australian Drivers Get Paid Daily?

Uber Eats gives money to its drivers every week, which is different from other delivery services. You will receive your earnings in your bank account through direct deposit on time and without any trouble.

Can You Do Uber Eats Full-Time?

You can earn money as an Uber Eats driver. Deciding to work either all the time or sometimes depends on your own situation and what you need for your life. Some drivers like having a job where they can choose to work only sometimes, while others want to work all the time to make more money.

Uber Eats Sign-Up Driver

If you want to work for Uber Eats, you have to give your email and identification papers. You can put your driver’s license with the other things you need to do. It’s necessary to know that it takes three business days to process the information. When everything is done right, you can start making money by using your Uber Eats account.

How to Make $1000 a Week with Uber Eats

You can earn $1000 every week by working for Uber Eats, even if you work only part-time. To make more money, you need to work when people need you the most, be really good at helping customers, and plan out the best way to deliver things. You can reach your money goals as an Uber Eats driver if you work hard and use good plans.

Location is Key

Where you are is an important factor that decides how much money you can earn while working for Uber Eats. If lots of people want food delivered where you live, you can make more money delivering food than someone who lives where fewer people want food delivered. It is important to find out about your local market before becoming a driver.

Part-Time vs. Full-Time

Where you are affects how much money you can earn while working with Uber Eats. If lots of people want to order food where you live, you can make more money with Uber Eats. Also, if you work more hours, you can earn more money. Industry information states that the usual Uber Eats driver in Australia makes at least $30 every hour. If you work for 20 hours every week, you’ll make roughly $600 AUD.

If you work 32 hours every week, you can get paid $48 per hour and make up to $1536 AUD per week. The amount of money you may make from delivering things is just a guess. It might be different based on how much people want deliveries, how far you need to go, and how much people give you in tips. People who live in places where there are lots of delivery requests will probably make more money. It is important to learn about the demand for drivers in your area before agreeing to become one.

Best Locations for High Earnings

You may earn more money as an Uber Eats driver if you work in areas where many people order food. These are good spots in Australia for Uber Eats drivers who want to earn more than $1000 per week.

  • Melbourne CBD
  • Sydney CBD
  • Inner city suburbs of South Yarra, Collingwood, Carlton, and Fitzroy – Melbourne
  • Sydney Road, Lygon Street, Preston, Broadmeadows, North Melbourne
  • North Sydney, Vaucluse, Tamarama, Darling Point
  • Perth CBD
  • Brisbane CBD
  • Gold Coast

If you work in these places, you’ll get more orders and earn more money.

Tips for Maximizing Your Earnings

If you want to make more than $1000 every week with Uber Eats, there are some extra things you need to remember. For instance:

  • Be strategic about when and where you work. Try to work during peak demand hours (such as lunch and dinner times), and consider working in areas where there are more restaurants and potential customers.
  • Be efficient with your time. The faster you can complete deliveries, the more deliveries you can complete in a given timeframe, which can increase your overall earnings.
  • Be friendly and professional with customers. Building a good reputation as a reliable and friendly delivery driver can lead to higher tips and more repeat business over time.


You may not earn more than $1000 a week with Uber Eats, but you can if you work hard enough. If you work in places where lots of people want food delivered, choose the best times and locations to work, and make customers happy, you can earn more money and have a good job delivering food for Uber.

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